About StarBridge

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Who We Are and What We Do

Starbridge is a multifaceted Saskatchewan company who offers a wide range of industrial technology and equipment supply, preliminarily for local clients. 

Our team and staff have many years of experience and specialized knowledge to offer the recommendation and to select the most suitable products for your ordinary needs and unique requirements.

We take great pride in representing many equipment and products from the high quality and reliable suppliers who are top-class manufacturers with global experience or original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with lower price.

Backed by two offices in Saskatoon and Beijing, we make it our goal to tight the bond between clients and suppliers and strengthen the relationship. It is what we are doing here at Starbridge in Saskatchewan.

We can not only provide high-quality equipment or products, but also develop overall solutions to help customers solve problems encountered in production.

In addition, we can collaborate with our local partners to provide integrated services to customers where required.

our values

Why Us?

Our Company Mission & Vision

Globally connected, locally served.

STARBRIDGE INDUSTRIAL is dedicated to providing the best engineering solution and helping lower capital cost for our clients by our premium qualified equipment and best-in-class customer service.

Honesty and Integrity

We’re always honest, transparent and treat our clients as friends. Never say anything you wouldn’t say to your friends or family.


Connect with clients, partners and each other to drive success together because we can’t do our jobs without each other.


The client is our top priority. Understand clearly our clients’ needs, act fast, serve well and deliver beyond their expectations.


We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve. We learn from others, challenges & successes.


How We Execute Our Work 

1. clearly communication

To start, we will clearly communicate with clients to better understand the technical requirements.

2. equipment design and quotation

Forward the technical specification and other related documentation to the equipment suppliers for equipment design and quotation.

3. review

Once received, we will review and ensure that they are appropriate before sending the quotation documents to our clients.

4. sign the contract

After approved by the client, we will sign the contract with the vendor.

5. supervision and inspection

Provide supervision and inspection during supplier’s manufacturing process.

6. Verify that the product

Verify that the product meets the specifications before acceptance and delivery.

7. packaging and transportation

Take care of equipment packaging and transportation.

8. Manage the shipping

Manage the shipping as FOB Saskatoon, CIF (Cost, Insurance and freight) or send directly to site depending on the client’s requirements.

9. Provide after-sale services

Provide after-sale services. We have staff in Saskatoon who can communicate at any time and deal with problems in a timely fashion.

10. inspect

Arrange for the client to visit suppliers and manufacturers to inspect facilities and gain confidence in their capabilities.

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